Wednesday, June 11, 2014

1st Delaware Regiment & a General

Well it's been a while, but I've been doing some painting.  Here's my latest work for my American War of Independence project.

The 1st Delaware Regiment was one of the sharpest and best dressed units in the early part of the war for the American army. Under the leadership of Colonel John Haslet, this unit was one of the more reliable units that General George Washington could rely on.  As such they saw a lot of action.

I definitely wanted to have this unit for my Trenton and Princeton campaign games.  There wasn't anything available that fit exactly the uniforms I needed so I ended up getting some Infantry in softcaps from All The Kings Men toy soldiers.  I had to cut off the brims and feathers to get the right cap.  I also green stuffed some shoulder boards and epaulets on the officers. I'm happy with the results.

On a side note, during this time of the war they were known as Haslet's Delaware Regiment, but Colonel Haslet was killed during the fighting in the battle of Princeton.  He is succeeded by Colonel David Hall.  Other names for the regiment were the Delaware Blues, Delaware Chickens and the Blue Hens.

In addition to the troops above I also recently painted the General for my American Forces.

Thanks for checking out my post.  Hope you all have been doing well.


Monday, December 30, 2013

Spearmen of Middenland

My cousin Chris and I have been talking about getting back into Warhammer Fantasy Battles for quite some time now.  Chris is planning to play Skaven just because he likes the rats and their shear dirty rotten style of play and general despicable nature.  I wanted to play something that gave me a variety of choices but also in the end would be a colorful army.  So I chose the Empire.  I wanted to get the tedious stuff out of the way first so I chose a unit of spearmen to be my first core unit.  I also didn't want them to be just a fodder unit so I gave them 25 troops to have some staying power.  I'm hoping they will give some punch with their numbers, but also it just looks damn cool to have a big clump of troops like that.

So here's an introduction to one of my projects for 2014!  Being such a large unit I kind of speed painted these.  So not to my usual standard... but then that's getting worse every day anyway... along with my eye-sight!

Also, I just noticed that I've hit the 20k page visit mark.  So I big thanks to all you internet friends that swing by and check out my little spot in the bloggersphere!

Hope you all have a wonderful New Years.  I know I will.


Friday, November 22, 2013

1st Pennsylvania Continental Regiment

Here's another regiment for my 54mm AWI project.  The 1st Pennsylvania Continentals played a pivotal role in delaying the British Army's advance on Trenton, New Jersey as General Cornwallis tried to retake the town after it's initial lose to General George Washington.  During the 1st & 2nd Battles of Trenton and the Battle of Princeton the 1st Pennsylvania was part of Fermoy's Brigade and under the leadership of Col. Edward Hand.

Life is finally starting to get back to "normal", although we are still pretty swamped at work.  I'm hoping to start posting more frequently now.  Thanks you all you folks out there that kept me inspired with all your cool pictures and AARs while I was being kept from the hobby.


Monday, September 9, 2013

1st Rhode Island Regiment

Hey folks.  Sorry I kind of disappeared for a bit.  I apologize for not being more active and swinging by your blogs to give support.  I went on a hiking trip to Colorado last month and when I came back I just wasn't in the mood to paint or do anything hobby related.  So I just ended up taking a break for a bit.

Anyway, hopefully this post will make up for it.  I got some more 54mm painted for my American War of Independence project.  My focus the AWI project is the Battle of Trenton, Assunpink Creek (aka 2nd Battle of Trenton) and the Battle of Princeton.  All three battles occurred from December 1776 to January 1777 so most of my uniforms are of the early variations before the Continental army became more unified.

The 1st Rhode Island Regiment, also known as Varnum's Regiment, named after their commander Colonel James Varnum was part of Hitchcock's Brigade during this campaign.  In 1777 they would be reformed into a new unit and undergo a uniform change.  For this time though they were like most of the New England regiments wearing brown jackets with red facings.  This is the approach I took for these guys.  Officers were said to either wear brown or the blue jackets.  I liked the idea of them being blue and went with that color choice.

In addition, I used green stuff to give some variation to their uniforms.  You'll notice in the closest row that some have boots, some half gaiters and some full length pants. 

All figures are from All The Kings Men Toy Soldiers (ATKM)

I hope you like them.  Feels good to get another unit done!


Saturday, July 20, 2013

By Jingo!

Just to find a plaque with those 3 words on it in your airship is a comfort beyond compare for most crews.  Anytime you fly in an airship designed by Jingo Farnsworth, the famous Gnomish Airship Designer, you have the comfort of knowing you're flying in one of the best.  It is a well documented fact that anyone flying in one of his airships has a 96.4% chance of arriving safely at their destination.  Although it is also well documented that every time you use one of the on-board weapon systems that percentage decreases by 4%!!
Jingo like most genius inventor types is very aloof in crowds and often in a corner jotting new designs on a piece of paper.  This is most likely the result of being socially awkward, but in a way it has helped to build some mystery to his legend.  He is quite eccentric in his habits, especially in his clothing.  For the most part he dresses practically, but nobody as of yet has been able to figure out why he always wears a fancy pair of women's bloomers wrapped around his head.  Still, everyone leaves him be.  Smart folks should be a bit quirky... right?
This was the last figure I wanted to do for my airship crew.  It took a while to find the right mini and even then I did some modifications.  This guy comes from Valiant Enterprises.  The robotic arm is actually dropping a scimitar into his hand.  You can see the original here:  Waldorf Gnome Gadgeteer.  I figured in combat Jingo would be more likely to work on ship repairs instead of fighting.  So I removed the scimitar.  Used some metal bits and green stuff to make a "ship part".  Repositioned his hand to have the final look I wanted.

And here's the complete crew shot for the Thunder Chicken III!

Now to see if I can work up the nerve to attempt to build the actual airship.  Yikes!

Thanks for reading y'all.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


More Crew for the Thunder Chicken III....

There have more than one occasion when the various fantasy races have stopped and wondered, "Just the what the hell was Mother Nature thinking?"  Scholars and druids in particular have studied Mother Nature's doings.  Most believe she tries to maintain some sort of healthy balance in the world for all the creatures to prosper.  BUT none of them have been able to figure out why Mother Nature would ever encourage an evil creature like an Imp to mate with a chaotic and destructive creature like the Gremlin.  And yet, it happened and thus the resulting offspring were the Bodgers.  Mother Nature doesn't allow this to happen often so when you see a Bodger it is quite a rare event.  To see more than one at once is very improbable.

The Thunder Chicken III just so happens to have two in her crew... and they are brothers.  They have have a long lasting friendship with Jingo Farnsworth the famed Airship designer.  Bodgers like to build things.  Destructive things.  Purposeful things.  Bodgers prefer tasks that let them makes lots of noise and get really dirty.  That's why they have the old saying "A clean Bodger is an angry Bodger.  Beware."


When it comes to destruction, Pip is your man Bodger.  He's been designing weapons for Jingo's airships for almost a decade now.  He delights in the design, building and firing of these weapons.  Not always in the proper order either.  Anytime Pip comes on deck carrying a device of any kind the Captain will likely send the crew below decks for their personal safety while praying to every deity he has ever heard mentioned in the hopes that the airship will remain flying after the test!


Laslow is the older brother of the two or so the crew have managed to gather from various clues.  No one speaks the Bodger language, but after spending some time with a Bodger you develop a sort of psychic link that helps you start to understand them.  Jingo has been with them over a decade and gets about 1/5 of what they're saying.  It's a slow process.  Anyway, Laslow has always been taken with alchemy and other sciences that involve mixing volatile materials and seeing what results.  Laslow once incapacitated a city for 3 days after an experiment to create a powder that smells like farts.  Why?  Jingo still hasn't been able to understand the explanation after all these years.  In his experimentation Laslow did managed to develop a gas that when filled into a bladder would allow the bladder to float for very long periods of time.  This is how Jingo first got the idea for an airship.  Laslow is continually developing his floating gas formula with the main focus of seeing if he can make the newer version smellier than the prior version.

Both of these miniatures are from Wyrd Miniatures.  Bases by me.  Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ya-harrr!! We've found treasure!

I recently mentioned that I undertook the endeavor to organize and cleanup my hobby room.  Even going so far as to sort and organize my lead pile.  (I heard you shutter.)  Also, I mentioned that I found some goodies that I forgot I had and that they were immediately hitting the painting table.  So, what were they you ask?  WELL, during the cleanup I find an unopened package.  "Odd, I didn't even open this one."  Opened it up and it's the Bob Olley Dwarf ("scrunt") pirates I've been telling myself for years that I'd paint. It seems at some point I had gone so far as to order them, receive them in the mail, and drop them in the lead pile and totally forget them.  I must have been busy on a project is all I can guess.  (please tell me I'm not the only this has happened to...)  The wait was worth it though.  Fantastic miniatures these are!

It's gets more involved though.  Next thing I know I'm digging through my lead pile with one thought.  Let's make a fantasy airship crew!  And thus, a new distraction project began...

Crew Members of the Airship "Thunder Chicken III"

Ok, so it's not a very fearsome or pleasing name for that matter.  But it was designed and created by the famous Gnomish Tinkerer, Jingo Farnsworth, (Currently on the painting table waiting for some primer) and he's never been one to spend much time thinking about ship names.  As a matter of fact he thought Thunder Chicken sounded rather intimidating.  The "III" you ask?  Well, he didn't want to come up with any more names so he just prefers to recycle it.  "III" was the natural choice after the first "Thunder Chicken" sank into the ocean and number "II" blew up on the landing pad. 


Captain Jameson

Every ship needs a good captain, and no one seems to be able to handle the "Thunder Chicken" or any airship invented by Jingo Farnsworth better than Captain Jameson.  He's a bit delicate looking compared to the rest of his crew, but he has nerves of steel. 
(no idea who made this mini.  I believe I got it with the Legend of the High Seas set)

Mister Shinerbock

Captain Jameson can work the ship like he is one with her, but to handle the crew he relies heavily on the loyal and hearty Mister Shinerbock.  Gruff and tough like his men, he gives and takes no slack, but his crew respect and trust him because he can always be counted on to be fair and just.

(Bob Olley miniature)

Cabin Boy Jamie

Hoping to follow in the footsteps of his father, Jamie Jamison talked his father into allowing him (with his mother's insistence) to join the crew and learn the trade.
(Once again I don't know the maker, but I believe this one was also in the LotHS set)

Seamen Guinness and Kilkenny

(Both from Bob Olley)

Seamen Murphy and Bulmers

(Both from Bob Olley)
And that's some of the crew... there are more to come!

Also, a quick addition to my Descent figures painting log.  Maybe they will fight an airship crew in the future???  Hmmm...

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.